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Skinny Genie Gluten Free

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Skinny genie is an honest, forward thinking, health conscious lifestyle brand. We stand first and foremost for great tasting food that also happens to be healthy and gluten free.

We believe life is a balance. Everybody needs the right mix of food & nutrition, mind & relaxation, and exercise & fitness.

We love what we do and strive for holistic health and well-being.

This is why all our food is made by hand, designed to be healthy and indulgent – for you to enjoy, nourish, nurture & grow.

Healthy regards — skinny genie


We want all people to eat with both pleasure and balance. We are out to prove that healthy food, including gluten free, is accessible to all and that it tastes great.

We want to lead the way by educating and supporting our local communities, on the virtues of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Our ambition is for skinny genie to grow and reach as many people as possible.


“… is to rediscover the art and science of artisan foods, reinvented for modern day palates to make maintaining a healthy lifestyle, easy, enjoyable and tasty…”


Our retail branch consists of cafés where our healthy food and drinks are available to customers, along with a selection of well thought retail products.

Our catering branch offers a choice of healthy products designed for your events.

Our wholesale branch offers a wide selection of  gluten free products both chilled or frozen.

We produce 100% of the product we sell, ensuring the quality and traceability of all ingredients used.



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Skinny Genie Gluten Free
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